Fishing is one of the most popular kind of recreational activities for younger and older people. Even if you do not have any formal training on this, you can still catch fish. With just simple rod  and bait for fish then you can go and catch fish already. Fishing is fun and this is for everyone. If you still want to learn more techniques on how to catch carp fish you can always learn through online. This carp fishing is sure one of the greatest stress relievers and most enjoyable activities you can partake in.

Indeed carp fishing may seem hard but it is not. This Is very easy to learn and the techniques of carp fishing is very easy to follow. You can even ask a friend who knows how to fish or you can just learn through videos online. Here are also easy steps for beginners like you on how to do carp fishing.

  1. Do know the kind of fish you are fishing. If you do carp fishing then you should know that this carp type of fish are very sensitive and very smart. Whenever they see a shadow of a person above the water they can already sense danger is coming. So when you do carp fishing you just have to sit and be still. That is when carp fishes do come out.
  2. Carp fishes have their own different sizes, small, medium and big carp fishes. You should know this so that you will know what type of rod and hook you will be using. You will also know what type of bait you will be using as well. Know your gadget in fishing. Do look for good quality rods, hooks and baits and for sure you will get a kind of carp you wanted.
  3. Another important thing to know is the location. Know the spot or the area where carp fishes would stay. Be sure you are doing a research or survey about the area if there are needed insects or animals or anything to watch out for.
  4. When preparing for the bait you can always add on some rock salt or corn to some baits. Always make sure your baits are safe and are allowed by the owner of the fishing lake.
  5. There are a lot of fishing techniques to be learned and one technique is to put some stalking baits near or around the boat in order to make the carp fishes swarm around your boat. You just sit and be careful in fishing because these fish are really sensitive to the movements.


Carp Fishing is really fun and you get to learn a  lot of things. Especially if you would do carp fishing in lakes like the most famous lakes in France. You can always check out for more details about this fishing and places you can go for fishing. You will be amazed at how fishing recreational activity can do great things for you physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.